Choose from a range of quality car wash packages that we offer at Prestige Car Wash Limerick. With our state-of-the-art tunnel wash system, we will have your car in a show room quality condition in no time at all. We offer a variety of high-quality packages depending on your requirements. Our staff will use our state-of-the-art automatic tunnel wash system and highest quality of cleaning products to clean your car so you can feel safe that your car is going to look pristine and fresh once we are finished with it.


  • Pre-Wash
  • Foam Bar
  • Wheel Wash
  • Soft Brush Side Wash
  • Soft Brush Roof Wash
  • Soft Brush Lower Body Wash
  • Rinse Jets
  • Blowdryer

Other Services Offered

A self-service vacuum cleaner for just €2. Along with our vacuum cleaner you can use our air compressor and water top up for your car.
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Car Wash Options

No pre booking for our car washes required